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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Listen for us on Kat Kountry 106.1FM

Moon Creek Labradors is PROUD to be spreading community awareness urging people to keep their pets safe from the heat of the summer.

~ Provide your pets with shade and clean drinking water when outside.

~ Take walks in the cooler morning and evening temps.

~ And no matter how much your pet wants to go with you, please keep them at home during the hot summer months and out of parked vehicles!

We are sponsoring an ad that will be aired on Kat Kountry 106.1 FM.

Please tune your radios to 106.1 FM on the following days to listen to our awareness ad.

Monday August 10th 2pm-3pm

Wednesday August 12th 2pm-3pm

Saturday August 15th 9am-10am

We LOVE hearing from you! Give us a shout if you heard our ad!

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