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Kibble Nutrition

Labrador Retrievers are a large breed prone to hip and other joint problems.

In addition to OFA testing, proper nutrition and healthy weight also play a very important roll in the prevention of these problems.

A Labrador will continue to grow and mature for two years. This time is critical for bone and joint formation. We have done our very best to insure our puppies have the best possible start in life. After they leave here it is up to you to monitor their nutritional needs, body condition, and activity level, giving them the best future.


Below you will find the link to a great article about the proper nutrition for large breed puppies. This website is also a great resource for an unbiased nutritional analysis of hundreds of dog food brands. 


Some people might look for a bargian, thinking they are saving money. What they don't realize is, they are infact, not saving anything, and doing so at the expense of their dogs health. Cheap dog foods are made with fillers and byproducts that your dog cannot digest. If it cannot be digested it gives nothing nutritionaly, and you will be scooping it up later off the ground and throwing it away; money wasted.

Not all dog foods are created equal, and many dog food companies are sneaky in the way they list their ingredients, making it sound better than it really is to the uneducated consumer. They know the loop holes and they use them.

Please do your dog AND your wallet a favor and buy a quality dog food from a reputable company.

If you have any questions about a certain brand go to the Dog Food Advisor website link below and look it up. 

 The brand we use for our dogs, and highly recommend, is Victor. Clicking their photo below will bring up their website to find a dealer near you. Please watch the video below that to learn more about their company.


If you live in our area please stop in and check out 5B Paws N Claws in Hailey Idaho , the wonderful local pet product and dog grooming shop we purchase our Victor food and other pet supplies from.

A little about the Victor Company

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