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The Families of Moon Creek

One of the best parts of what we do, are all the friendships we make with our adopting families. We love watching our pups grow up and seeing their adventures and accomplishments, as well as the joy they bring to those around them.

We are proud to share their stories and testimonies here.

"A true friend leaves

paw prints on

your heart"

"He is such a sweetie and he's so good with

the little kids"


"I wanted the Rolls Royce of dogs and I got it!"


"All You Need Is Love

And A Dog"

"Love is a



"Maxine has brought such joy to us and she is growing so fast! She is thriving and we are really having fun with her. She is so sweet with just a bit of an obstinate streak to keep things interesting. :-)"


"Just wanted to let you know how Jasmine is doing. She is an amazing little girl. My wife and daughter have fallen in love with her."


"Life Is Short


Your Dog"

"The road to my heart is

paved with

paw prints"

"Just have to say we just got our little girl (sister) home and she is so wonderful. Great temperament and gorgeous!!! So grateful we got our puppy from here."


"She is the hit of the neighborhood"


"Some things just fill your heart without trying"

"Graduation day for miss Hattie. By far the best temperament of any dog I have ever owned.

Thanks Moon Creek!"

~ Wyoming ~

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