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Therapy & Service Dogs

We proudly dedicate this page to our dogs that go on to serve their humans in the most noble and selfless way.

Here you will meet and watch the journey of our pups that are training and serving as therapy and service dogs.

Miss Maxine's Journey

Miss Maxine was adopted by a family in 2015. Shortly after, her human dad was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Her family felt it was in her best interest that she return to Moon Creek while they delt with all the medical testing going on, with the hope that she can return to them someday.


Upon Max's arrival back here we decided that to best serve both Max and her family, we will keep her here and train her as a therapy dog.

Max will serve her local community when she is ready, and when her previous family is ready for her to return, she will be able to serve her human dad.

You can follow Max's journey of training and service here.

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