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Swimming at the pond

Jake and Koda had a blast today swimming and cooling off at the pond no more than a stones throw from our farm! Taylor, our oldest daughter, and family photographer, came along for the fun and photo opportunities. Unfortunatly we didn't get any photos of when they went rolling in the mud. They went in white and came out chocolate!

That's Jake on the dock checkin' out the water...after he swam off his chocolate disguise.

You can see the storm clouds off in the distance over Soldier Mountain but it was still sunny over us! I think in this photo Jake was warning them to stay away!

Funny I have many photos of Jake smiling and the one thing they all have in common is him playing in WATER! A lab and his H2O :)

I CAN FLY! Jake being a ham

Koda enjoying her swim in the calm water.

Everyone out!!! SHAAARK!!!...oh wait it was a trout.

Koda leaping onto the dock.

Jake tried to grab the ball without getting in and surprised himself when he toppled in head first!

And out to the water again.

and again...

And out....

and back in again...

A pretty litte bird flew over and was just begging to be photographed.

And a few more of my handsome boy just because he is so good at posing for the camera.

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