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A Day of Traveling For Eye Exams

Getting the trailer ready for our trip to Boise for our yearly OFA-CAER Eye exams. We live about 2 hours from West Vet the vet clinic that does them so it's a bit of a long day for our dogs. We like to bring them in the stock trailer so they have room to walk around and lay down. They can eat and drink at their leisure, and enjoy a bone on the trip.

Anevay is spreading pine shavings for the dogs for easy clean up.

Anevay loads up Callie. Girls to the front and boys to the back.

Callie waiting for her sister to join her.

And Koda is happy for the trip!

The girls checking things out.

Jake trying to get a sniff of his neighbors.

And everyone passed their eye exams with normal eyes! Koda was the last one. She's waiting while Anevay gets a drink.

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